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Salted Chocolate-Tahini Bliss Balls

I saw this recipe pop up on my news feed from Bon Appetit magazine and I had to make them. It's a vegan, no-bake recipe* that takes literally moments to prepare and comes with a month-long use-by-date to enjoy: salted chocolate, pistachio, tahini balls sweetened with dates and maple syrup.

You don't even need a mixer or food processor, or anything that needs plugging in to the wall socket for this recipe! So if you are like me, live in a small apartment in the city where workspace and storage space comes at a premium, this is a recipe you need not be afraid of - you can crush and mince the ingredients the old fashioned way (plus a zip lock bag).

These energy balls are only a touch sweet and feel wholesome thanks to the quantity of crushed pistachios. Pistachios can be expensive - so be free to replace them with other nuts if you like.

If you've been following me on my Instagram you would know that I was recently in Ibiza. Oh what a dream! I can't believe I hadn't been to this wonderful balearic island before - my preconceptions of the it being just a hedonistic playground were totally blown away.

The Sunday market in the quaint town of San Juan is a must! I came across a lovely couple that had a stand selling only vegan and raw treats. Did you know that you can make vegan and raw empanadas? Tasted one and it was delicious.

Here, some snaps from my trusty smartphone. I ate that green vegan empanada and that yellow turmeric ball thingy which was just the right ending to a plate of paella 🐸 and I shared. The paella by the way, was made in one ginormous pan stirred by three big men and was fit for the hundred or so crowd. Also, delicious!

How to make these without a food processor:

You crush the pistachios by placing them in a zip-lock bag, closing it, and going over it several times with a rolling pin.

For the rest, chop up the dates, add them with the rest of the ingredients and the pistachios to a bowl and, wearing plastic gloves, moosh it all into one.


Recipe from Bon Appétit


2/3 cup pistachios, shelled and unsalted

4 dates

60 ml/70 g tahini

3 tbs maple syrup

1/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder

3/4 tsp salt


1 tbs pistachios

2 tbs unsweetened cocoa powder

1 tbs toasted sesame seeds


1. Add 2/3 cup pistachios to a food processor, blend until the nuts are broken into small crumbs. Add all the rest of the ingredients (except for that for the coating) and blend until it becomes a coarse paste.

2. Divide the mix into about ten, and roll them into balls, ping pong ball size. Place in the fridge for about half an hour.

3. Meanwhile, crush the pistachios and sesame seeds (you can use the ziplock bag method again here), place in a small bowl. Place the cocoa powder in a separate bowl nearby.

4. When ready, roll half the ball in the pistachio/sesame mix, and half in the cocoa powder. Hands will get messy, but it's going to be ok.

Any uneaten bliss balls can be stored in plastic in the fridge for up to a month - if it lasts so long!

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