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I'm an Aussie living in Milan. I came to Italy from Sydney in 2012 on what was meant to be a one-year sabbatical. That got extended by a year... then another... and here I am, still at it.


I love to bake and just generally feed people. It's the biggest joy in my life.


I started this blog initially as an extension of the food blogging I was doing for Bershka a few years back, craving a space to continue sharing some of my stories and favourite recipes. Whilst the Bershka blog was been taken down since, my love of cooking has only gotten stronger over the years.


I bake, cook and try out new recipes constantly while working as a freelance writer and copywriter IRL. I've always stayed close to food - writing online content for various Italian food and beverage brands such as S.Pellegrino, Baci Perugina, and as a food journalist for the online magazine Fine Dining Lovers, but have also been writing for lifestyle for many years now, curating the Milan style and city guides for trend forecaster WGSN.


I hope my recipes can help get you more excited about cooking. If I can inspire just one person today to look forward to making something delicious for themselves or, even better, to share with a few others, then I would die a happy puppy tomorrow.


And in case you are curious: my favourite cuisine is Korean (I was brought up in a Korean household in Oz!), favourite hangover food is a battle between a  margherita pizza done in the true Neapolitan way (there is no other way) and Korean kimchi stew, guilty pleasure in winter is a panettone full of candied fruit (sadly - or perhaps luckily which one can find only during Christmas), in summer, salty pistachio gelato from my local gelateria by the Naviglio canals, and finally, favourite food to cook is my carrrot cake, because it makes so many of my friends happy.


Do get in touch with me if you want to chat. You can click on the CONTACT section obviously.


Thanks for stopping by!





Panda Bakes Milan
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